Lawn Maintenance Columbus Indiana

Hawcreek Landscaping in Columbus, Indiana

Beauty, utility or investment? Whatever your top priorities may be for your personal home, homeowners’ association, commercial or institutional property, Hawcreek Landscaping can be an active partner in achieving them. Your landscape is a large, living investment. Properly managed, it contributes value and beauty to your property.

Our programs balance the various needs of your landscape to deliver award-winning results. Under our professional care, your landscape’s value will increase with each passing year.

Employ a company you can trust. We deliver creative and cost-effective solutions for every need. And we maintain the staff and equipment to keep virtually all projects moving and on schedule…whatever the weather may do. From weekly maintenance to complete landscape renovations, you’ll discover that Hawcreek Landscaping executes every task neatly, efficiently, and with a minimum of disruption to you, your clients or your property.

With Hawcreek Landscaping, you’ll have an active and interested partner in grounds management. Our goal is to save you time, frustration and money. And working together, we can successfully improve your landscape, your schedule and your bottom line.

Through every season, Hawcreek Landscaping brings the experience needed to increase the value of your landscape.

Improving Your Landscape Through Managed Care

We perform a 15 Point Lawn Analysis on each new customer to determine your lawn’s health and condition. Your Hawcreek Specialist will incorporate these findings into a recommended lawn care program and discuss them with you before we move forward. We check the turf out extensively, analyze the soil, look for weed or insect problems, and determine potential landscape improvements. For more information about landscape improvements, like new trees and custom lighting, check out our Landscape Installation page.

Besides Top Performance, We Also Look, Listen and Respond

Regular inspections of your property are an important part of every Hawcreek Landscaping full-service package. We check the condition of every part of your landscape to verify our own performance and to keep you informed of any special needs. Should you ever have a concern of any kind, we listen closely and respond fast to assure your complete satisfaction.

With Hawcreek Landscaping, prompt, year-round service is assured. We provide the experience, equipment and staff to deliver award-winning results: from a single restaurant, residential home owners, to a homeowners’ association with acres of rolling landscape.

We’ve produced winning landscapes for years. Together, we can make your landscape a winner too.

Hawcreek Landscaping Can Meet Any Requirement Your Property May Have

  • Complete landscape and irrigation installation
  • Tree and shrub removals and moving
  • Maintenance of seasonal floral displays
  • Planting bed and ornamental maintenance, including clean-up, mulching and weed control
  • Horticultural pruning of trees and shrubs
  • Complete, scheduled mowing services
  • Complete landscape maintenance
  • Fertilization and pest management for trees and ornamentals
  • Annual lawn fertilization and pest management
  • Winter services, including ice and snow removal
  • Maintenance and adjustments of irrigation systems
  • Commercial vegetation control
  • Aquatic vegetation and algae control

Select the company that cares. Look at the value of Hawcreek Landscaping results-driven services, and give us a call to arrange your free, no-obligation landscape consultation or speak to a member of our team.