Lawn Aeration & Over Seeding

Lawn Aeration & Over Seeding in Columbus, Indiana

Aerating your lawn encourages deeper root growth and helps maintain thatch levels in the lawn. Plugs of soil are removed from your lawn and deposited on top of the turf, and will organically break down over one or two weeks. This process is best done in early fall in conjunction with over seeding and an application of fertilizer. This will help get nutrients to the root zone of your lawn.

The single greatest result of aeration is that compacted soil becomes loose, which means that the roots can penetrate and spread more easily, forming a network of grassroots that will withstand heat and drought better than before. The openings that are punched into the soil and thatch allows prevention of the spread of fungal diseases and enhances the growth of microorganisms that digest lawn thatch. An aerated lawn also permits fertilizer and water to reach the plant roots, which will also help with healthy growth.

Aerating your lawn will aid in weed prevention, as well as keep your lawn looking lush. Not only functional, but beautiful too!